La Striscia vine yard visit



We went to a vinyard called “La Striscia” to try some wines. It was very beautiful place.

We tasted three different kinds of wine.
1. Bernaraino (2012)
– red wine
– blended wine
– thick
– very pretty color “ruby”
– smell: sweet
– taste: very very dry and bitter; it warmed my throat
– “table” wine; it balances out dryness with greasy food

2. Occhini
– Sangiovese
– red wine
– lighter color than Bernaraino
– Italians say, it has “elegant” smell. I still don’t know what that means. All I smelled was alcohol.
– taste: less dry and bitter than Bernaraino

3. La Striscia (2009)
– merlot
– red wine
– color: purple
– smell: very strong and a little bit of vinegar
– taste: dry, bitter and tart

I didn’t like any of wines we tasted. I just don’t like alcohol smell and bitterness. Dr. Glatzhofer said kristin and I are his mission 🙂 Can’t wait to find the wine I like !!!


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